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Lower deck closed

Tuesday, 9th January 2018

Strong north-easterly winds over the weekend have damaged the lower deck which is closed to the public until further notice. For news of progress with repairs to the storm-damaged decking call 01304 363815.

King Street toilets

KentLive Friday, 29th December 2017

A filthy public loo in Deal may get a spruce up after a business offered to step in and clean it. Channel Facilities Management will be providing a deep clean in early January.

A public toilet in Deal which is arguably one of the filthiest in Kent is about to get the spruce up it so desperately needs. The King Street loos were originally condemned as "filthy" by a parent who, after taking her son in there to use the toilet, walked away in disgust. The grimy toilets had a broken light fitting, no toilet roll and empty cans of lager on the floor, as well as a dirt-covered baby-changing table with the words "Would you put a baby on here? I wouldn't. It's disgusting", scrawled on it. Its poor state was reported by Labour Cllr Ann Napier.

After reading Kent Live's article, the owners of Channel Facilities Management, a Deal firm specialising in cleaning, security, grounds maintenance and pest control, felt compelled to lend their services. They got in contact with Dover District Council and agreed to provide a one-off deep clean, free of charge, to the King Street and Pier toilet blocks. From 7.30am onwards on Thursday, 4th January 2018, workers from the firm will tackle the toilets to bring them back up to a respectable standard.

Joe Gregory-Foster, one of the owners of the company, said:

"We read the article regarding the King Street public toilets in Deal and how the community are really dissatisfied with the cleanliness. The reaction on Facebook really caused a huge stir within the community with more and more complaints being made to the council. We will be giving both sets of toilets a complete deep clean free of charge. We want to showcase that just because these public conveniences are old, they can still be left in a clean and tidy state."

Mr Gregory-Foster also stressed that as well as making sure the toilets are clean, they will make sure the job is handled in an environmentally friendly way, as with all their cleaning work. He said:

"As a cleaning company we use no harmful chemicals. All of our products are enzyme-based which means they are safe for the environment, humans and animals. We are a very green company that are trying to change the way commercial cleaning harms the planet."

The council has not yet confirmed that the toilets will receive more cleaning attention in the future.

New Year's Eve 2017 Fireworks

Sunday 31st December 2017

Timeball drop at the Timeball Tower Museum, Victoria Parade, Deal at 12 midnight followed by fireworks on the beach.

2018 fishing quotas in the Atlantic and North Sea

European Council Council of the European Union, Wednesday 13th December 2017

On 13 December 2017 after all-night negotiations, the Council reached a political agreement on a regulation concerning the 2018 fishing opportunities for the main commercial fish stocks in the Atlantic and the North Sea. As a result of this Council decision, the number of fish stocks managed at maximum sustainable yield (MSY) levels will increase next year to 53, 9 more than in 2017. The agreement also foresees solutions for the critical state of eel and seabass stocks.

In view of the critical state of eel fisheries, it will be prohibited to fish for European eel of an overall length of 12 cm or more in Union waters of ICES areas, including the Baltic Sea, for a consecutive three-month period to be determined by each member state between 1 September 2018 and 31 January 2019. That is the time when eels are migrating and therefore are most vulnerable. Member states will have to communicate the chosen period to the Commission by 1 June 2018. The decision is complemented by a joint declaration of the European Commission and member states aiming at further protecting the stock of European eel, for instance in inland waters, through a strengthening of eel management plans during all stages of the eel lifecycle.

Concerning sea bass the Council acknowledged the bad state of stocks in the Celtic Sea, Channel, Irish Sea and southern North Sea and their importance for many countries. It consequently decided to make additional efforts by only allowing limited fisheries with certain gears in those areas, while providing for a two months closure to protect spawning aggregations. Recreational fishing is further restricted, with only catch-and release fishing allowed during the entire year. A lower daily bag limit for recreational fisheries is also fixed in the Bay of Biscay.

Café owner to leave Pier in hours row

Eleanor Perkins, East Kent Mercury, Wednesday 13th December 2017

The owner of the café on Deal Pier has blamed a dispute over opening hours for his decision to leave the site. Jasin Kaplan, who runs Jasin's restaurant, says he was taking Dover District Council to court over a reduction in opening hours but has now decided to pull out of his lease.

Dover District Council says it has reached a mutual agreement with Mr Kaplan to terminate his lease on Monday, 1st January 2018.

A temporary café will be set up before a formal tender process is opened to select a new operator. Mr Kaplan said:

"We had trusted the council but they started to reduce our opening hours. We used to be able to open until 10 pm in the week but they reduced that in the winter time to 6 pm. We have come to the conclusion that it is not economical for us to stay here. It is not a viable business venture."

Continued from the front page:

The owner of the café on Deal Pier says a disagreement over opening hours is the reason he is leaving the prime site at the beginning of January. Jasin Kaplan, who runs Jasin's restaurant, claims he was in the process of taking Dover District Council to court over a reduction in opening hours, but has now decided to pull out of his 15-year lease almost six years early to avoid it.

He has described the location, which was used for filming of ITV's hit drama 'Liar', as "one of the best in the world" and thanked his customers for their support.

Dover District Council says it has reached a mutual agreement with Mr Kaplan to terminate his lease on 1st January 2018. A temporary café will be set up before a formal tender process is launched to select a new operator.

Mr Kaplan told the Mercury:

"We were in the process of going to court but we've decided to pull out of the lease. We decided it was better to leave. We didn't want to pursue the case any more. We have an agreement with DDC and all outstanding issues will be sorted between us."

Mr Kaplan opened his café on 21st November 2008 and had a 15-year open lease which was due to be renewed. He has listed a number of issues which include electricity and insurance but mainly opening hours. DDC has chosen not to respond to these claims. He said:

"When we signed the lease we were assured that the pier would be closed only when there was a danger to the public. Of course we complied with that because public safety is our concern too. We trusted the council but they started to reduce our opening hours. We used to be able to open until 10 pm in the week but they reduced that in the winter time to 6 pm. They wouldn't let us open on New Year or Boxing Day. It was badly affecting trading. We have been making payments and we've always been up to date with the rent. We're not into taking money from a public body. We pay our rent and taxes on time so that our public bodies are strong and able to look after us. We have come to the conclusion that it is not economical for us to stay here. It is not a viable business venture."

Mr Kaplan says he will now put his time and energy into running his fish and chip shop in Telegraph Road with the help of his wife and daughter. He added:

"The Pier is an iconic location, one of the best in the world. We worked extremely hard to make Jasin's restaurant a magnet for people to come to. We hope we have served our customers well and done Deal proud. It's time DDC invests properly on Deal Pier. They need to work with whoever takes on the café to ensure a good service is given to the people of Deal."

Temporary Café

A spokesman for DDC said:

"Dover District Council has reached agreement with the current operator of the Deal Pier café to terminate their lease on 1st January 2018. We anticipate that the café will continue to trade as normal until the end of this year. It is proposed that a temporary café service will be put in place as soon as possible in the new year in advance of a formal tender process to select a new operator. The concession was terminated by mutual agreement between both parties. It would not be appropriate to comment further."

Editor's note: reality check … after nine years and 375 reviews, the Trip Advisor rating for Jasin's café is #74 of 75 restaurants in Deal, with Jasin Kaplan's 'Telegraph Chippie' occupying last (75th) place. Typical recent reviews include "Really Awful", "Dreadful", "Charmless", "Sadly Disappointing" and "Terrible Hygiene - 1 hour wait for poor food".

Spectacular 'supermoon' today

Daily Telegraph, Sunday 3 December 2017

A spectacular 'supermoon' will brighten up the night sky across the UK later today as it moves closer to Earth. The full moon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than usual to stargazers on Sunday evening. Traditionally known as the 'Cold Moon', the full moon will be visible at 3:47pm this evening, with moonrise about 45 minutes later.

The impressive sight happens when a full moon is at the point in its orbit that brings it closest to Earth. Tom Kerss, an astronomer at Royal Observatory Greenwich, said the supermoon will appear at its brightest at around midnight:

"This year's Cold Moon is closer to us than the average full moon this year; close enough to qualify as a supermoon, according to the widely accepted definition. The moon will reach its highest point above the horizon at midnight local time. This is when, weather permitting, it will appear at its clearest and brightest. The full moon will be 222,761 miles from Earth, closer than its average 238,900 miles. During moonrise and moonset, you might think the moon looks unusually large, but this is an illusion created in the mind when it appears close to the horizon. In fact, the change in the moon's apparent size throughout its orbit is imperceptible to the unaided eye. Nevertheless, the 'moon illusion' can be a dramatic effect, and with the moon rising so early, there will be ample opportunities to see its apparently huge face juxtaposed with the eastern skyline."

The closest full moon of the whole 21st century will fall on 6 December, 2052, when the full moon will be just 221,472 miles (356,425 kilometres) from our planet.

When full or new moons are especially close to Earth, it leads to higher tides. Tides are governed by the gravitational pull of the moon and, to a lesser extent, the sun. Because the sun and moon go through different alignments, this affects the size of the tides.

Council reduces Pier late-night summer opening hours

Kent Live 1 December 2017

Deal Pier's late night opening hours could be scaled back amid concerns for a lack of staffing and visitors. The proposal is being discussed by Dover District Council's cabinet committee on Monday, December 4. If it is voted through, it could only open after hours just once a month during the summer. Up until now, between April and November, the Pier has been open to visitors between midnight and 8am every Saturday night and Sunday morning.

If recommendations made to the cabinet are approved, an amended timetable will see the Pier open only once a month for weekend night-time visits. The Pier can be hired privately anytime and this will not change.

In November, the Pier was given a £580,000 council grant in order to refurbish the 1000 ft, Grade II listed site, including replacing timber seating, resurfacing the deck and making structural repairs. Work set to begin in spring 2017 and the Pier is expected to stay open while renovations are completed.

Open since 1957, Deal Pier is the last pleasure pier to have been built in the UK. It remains one of the most popular tourist spots in the town and a much-used fishing venue, offering great views of the coast.

Editor's note: Deal Pier is not a listed structure.

At its meeting on Monday, 4th December 2017 it was agreed by Dover District Council cabinet members that "a reduction in overnight opening at Deal Pier to once a month, from April to November, be approved."

Deal Pier Diamond Jubilee fishing match results …

Sunday, 19th November 2017

Forty five anglers participated in Sunday's four hour competition, the winners of which are as follows:

  1. Dave Andrews (606 cm)
  2. Darren Smith (595 cm)
  3. Shane Giles (582 cm)

Winners of the longest round and flat fish caught were:

The worshipful mayor of Deal, Councillor David Cronk, presented the winners' prizes and £500 raised by the competitors for the Deal & Walmer RNLI.

Dave Andrews, winner (606 cm) Darren Smith, runner up (595 cm) Shane Giles, 3rd Place (582 cm)
Christian Leslie
(longest round - dogfish, 57 cm)
Andy Manning
(joint longest flattie - dab, 27 cm)
John Libby
(joint longest flattie - dab, 27 cm)
The worshipful mayor of Deal, Councillor David Cronk, presents £500 cheque to RNLI crew
45 anglers compete in the Deal Pier Diamond Jubilee (1957-2017) fishing competition

Images supplied by Dave Chamberlain, Deal & Walmer Angling Association Press Officer.

£500k investment as Deal Pier celebrates diamond anniversary

Dover DC 14 November 2017

Dover District Council's Cabinet has approved a £500,000 refurbishment of Deal Pier, as the popular local amenity celebrates its Diamond Anniversary.

Works are set to include:

It is intended that work on the resurfacing and seating will begin in the spring of 2018, and the aim is maintain access as much as possible throughout the works. Structural works are expected to start before the end of the year.

Deal has had a pier since the late 1800s, with the current 305m long Deal Pier opened on 19 November 1957 by HRH Prince Philip. It remains the last pleasure pier ever constructed in the UK.

Today, Deal Pier is one of the town's enduring attractions, popular with both townsfolk and visitors for a leisurely stroll to enjoy the panoramic views of the coastline and out into the English Channel. The café at the pier head was opened in 2008 following an RIBA design competition.

Deal Pier is also a popular fishing venue and this weekend hosts a Diamond Jubilee open fishing competition in aid of Walmer RNLI, organised by the Deal & Walmer Angling Association, and sponsored by Dover District Council. Cllr Trevor Bartlett, DDC Cabinet Member for Property Management said:

"We're delighted to commit to the biggest refurbishment of Deal Pier since its opening 60 years ago. Deal Pier is a fantastic asset for the area; it's a major local landmark that is visited by many thousands of people, and we're very pleased to be able to approve these works to maintain and enhance this important amenity for the future."

For more information on the programme of works to Deal Pier, please see the report to Cabinet on 6 November.

Clocks go back on Sunday

Daily Telegraph, 28th October 2017

This Sunday - October 29 - at 2am, the UK reverts to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) by going back one hour, to 1am. This marks the official end of British summertime. A useful way to remember the hour-change rule is "Spring forward, Fall back".

Small shell found on beach …

KentOnline, Monday 25th September 2017

An area of Walmer was sealed off this morning after an unexploded wartime "weapon" was found. Police and coastguards were alerted to the incident at Walmer Beach after 10.30am. A Kent Police spokesman said:

"We were called to a report of an unexploded ordnance on Walmer Beach. Officers attended and put a cordon in place as a precaution. The ordnance was found to be a round of ammunition, probably dating from the Second World War, and it was taken away to be disposed of safely."

Filming starts of ITV seven part drama 'Vanity Fair'

East Kent Online, Thursday 21st September 2017

TV crews have descended on Deal today as the town has been chosen as the backdrop for another ITV drama. Actors, actresses and two horses have taken over the promenade and part of the beach on one side of the Pier to film scenes for a new adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray's 'Vanity Fair' [3]. The seven-part drama has been written by Gwyneth Hughes of 'Dark Angel', 'The Girl' and 'Miss Austen Regrets'.

It stars Olivia Cooke - a 23 year old Oldham-born actress and star of Steven Spielberg's forthcoming film 'Ready Player One' - as timeless heroine Becky Sharp, and will air next year. The classic costumes and impressive scenes are stopping many passers-by in their tracks. Dover District Council has cordoned off a number of car parking spaces in Beach Street to allow for the crew's vehicles. A base has also been set up at Walmer gravel car park in Kingsdown Road, which has been used by TV crews in the past.

Gwyneth Hughes' adaptation of Thackeray's literary classic is set against the backdrop of the Napoleonic Wars, and follows Becky Sharp as she attempts to claw her way out of poverty and scale the heights of English Society. Her story of "villainy, crime, merriment, lovemaking, jilting, laughing, cheating, fighting and dancing", takes her all the way to the court of King George IV, via the Battle of Waterloo, breaking hearts and losing fortunes as she goes.

Head of Drama at ITV, Polly Hill, said:

"Vanity Fair feels like the perfect classic to adapt for ITV, and Gwyneth Hughes' stunning scripts bring the novel to life in a way that will really connect with a modern audience. The question was always who would be our perfect Becky Sharp and that is undoubtedly Olivia Cooke! So we are thrilled she has agreed to play Becky, in what promises to be a very exciting new drama for ITV next year."

As well as in Deal, filming will also take place in and around London, with additional shooting in Budapest. It is the second time in a year that Deal has been used for filming. In November and January, crews took over the town for filming of new ITV drama 'Liar' which is on screens now.

[3] Click here to read Thackeray's 'Ballad of Bouillabaisse' and here for a plot spoiler.

Bus porn returns to Walmer

Kent Online Thursday, 7th September 2017

East Kent 100 Bus Rally returns to Walmer Green

Saturday will see the second vintage bus rally on Walmer Green organised by Friends of the East Kent Road Car Company (FOTEK). Last year's inaugural East Kent 100 show marked the centenary of the company and it was so popular the group decided to repeat the experience. Alwyn Conway, FOTEK secretary, said:

"There is a disappointment in the vintage bus enthusiasts' fraternity because the very popular Herne Bay Bus Rally has not happened this year due to outside influences. We felt it a duty then to hold our event for the benefit of those who would have sorely missed the Herne Bay bus day."

The rally, between 10am and 4pm, has more than 30 single and double deck buses on display, a variety of bus related sales stands, a tea and coffee stall as well as the obligatory ice cream van. There will also be a free shuttle service between South Street at Deal and the event site and buses giving free bus rides around the area.

The East Kent 100 is one of only a few such bus events in the South East.

The County Showground hosted the M&D and East Kent Bus Club's annual South East Bus Festival at the beginning of April, and there is the New Romney Vintage Bus and Taxi event at New Romney Railway Station on Sunday.

The Great Storm of 1703 - talk by Dave Chamberlain

East Kent Mercury, Wednesday 30th August 2017

David Chamberlain, local maritime author and historian, will give an illustrated talk on The Great Storm of 1703 with the loss of the Stirling Castle on the Goodwin Sands. The talk will begin at 7:30pm on Friday, 22nd September at St. Andrew's Church Hall in West Street, Deal.

Tickets cost £5 each with the proceeds of sale going to the Deal Maritime and Local History Museum. Tickets can be booked:

Demand for tickets will be lively so book early.

Seabed dragging

Dover District Council, Friday 1st September 2017

A 'reel' boost for local anglers is planned with news that clearance work to drag the seabed around Deal Pier is taking place on Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th September to remove debris like fishing lines, weights, and netting.

A Deal-based fishing boat has been commissioned by Dover District Council to carry out the clearance work to remove debris and improve the quality of fishing in the area. The work follows ongoing monitoring and feedback from local anglers. However, anglers are advised that fishing from the Pier may be restricted at times during this period.

The seabed around the Pier has been dragged on a number of previous occasions. When the area was cleared in 2013, around a ton of debris was removed.

Deal beach clean: Sunday, 17th September 2017 @ 09:30

Deal With It

Pier angling for juniors

Sunday, 20th August 2017

Fisherman Dave Lawrence attacked by gang of youths in Deal

East Kent Mercury, Thursday 17th August 2017

A fisherman who claims he was "left for dead" by a group of youths who attacked him with a wooden plank has joined police in an appeal to identify the culprits. Dave Lawrence, 63, has earned his living as a full-time fisherman in Deal for 50 years. At about 8pm on Monday, 24 July, he was alerted to the fact that four youths had boarded his boat on the beach near to Prince of Wales Terrace and he investigated it himself. When he asked them to get off his boat, he claims he was attacked using a wooden plank and knocked unconscious. The culprits ran off leaving the dad-of-two with a fractured eye socket, cheek bone and jaw which now requires corrective surgery. Mr Lawrence said:

"I just went up there to get the youths out of the boat and they attacked me. They left me for dead and ran off. When a lady was trying to bring me round, it hurt so much I just wanted to go back to sleep."

He has described the youths as three boys and one girl, aged 16 or 17. Police have now issued CCTV images of people they'd like to speak to.

Anyone with information is urged to call 01843 222289 quoting reference ZY/33907/17. Alternatively contact Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Mr Lawrence had to wait one hour and 20 minutes for an ambulance to attend, something which the emergency service has said was because the incident was not categorised as life-threatening during the call. A female passer-by stopped to help Mr Lawrence, sitting with him until more help arrived. Friend Colin Spicer, who saw the aftermath, said:

"There was no medical back up whatsoever. He lay there for more than an hour, with the rain coming down and the wind. I thought he was a goner. A lady sat with him the whole time. It was her that kept him going. It started to get dark and nobody arrived."

In a letter to the East Kent Mercury's editor, Mr Spicer added:

"I am not faulting the expertise of the emergency services, but something is seriously going wrong. Dave did not deserve the experience of the assault nor the wait for help and I can only say as I watched and waited. Thank you so much to those passing who sat and endured the condition because of the need to keep Dave going. It was not that long ago when Deal had an eight minute response with a maximum of 20 minutes in extreme conditions and further more when one emergency vehicle moved off patch, another moved to the area boundary. Dave, nor Deal, deserves this service. And someone knows who committed this crime."

A South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) spokesman said:

"We take any concerns raised seriously and are sorry that it took us longer than it should for us to attend this call. Based on the information provided, the call was not categorised as life-threatening but as requiring a response within 30 minutes. An ambulance crew attended the scene approximately one hour and 20 minutes after the call. We have a duty to prioritise immediately life-threatening calls. We are working hard to improve all response times across our region but there are times when demand for our services as well as delays handing patients over at hospital means we are unable to reach some patients as quickly as we would like. We of course wish the patient a good recovery and would invite anyone with concerns to also contact us in order for us to feed back to them directly."

It is alleged that around 7.50pm on Monday, 24th July, a man in his 60s was assaulted by a group of people on the beach near to Prince of Wales Terrace. Officers arrived at the scene 20 minutes after the incident was reported to the police and a specialist trained medic from Kent Police was also sent to the location to assist with injuries until paramedics from the South East Coast Ambulance Service arrived. Police would like to speak to the youths to help them with their enquiries.

These CCTV images have been released by police whose officers are investigating a reported assault.

Officers are now appealing for the people in these images, or anyone who knows who they may be, to come forward. Currently no arrests have been made. Investigating officer, Detective Constable Daniel Mead, said:

"We have been carrying out a number of enquiries including gathering witness statements, reviewing CCTV and looking into forensic opportunities. Although I have already been in contact with the victim to reassure him of the investigation I would like to take this opportunity to provide him with further reassurance that every effort is being made to identify the suspects. This investigation is important to us and all lines of enquiry are being made. I will continue to ensure the victim is updated as this case develops. In the meantime we would like to hear from any anyone who has information that could assist our enquiries, who has not already been in contact."

A long, painful wait for an ambulance

Colin Spicer

When I opened my EKM last week I saw the headline 'Anger over 90 minute wait for an ambulance' and thought, thank goodness someone said something.

I quickly realised that this was a totally different incident and so I write to you with another concerning a wait for more than 90 minutes for an ambulance.

On Monday, July 24, it was reported to local boat owner Dave Lawrence that his fishing boat was boarded by four young people with little concern for the equipment on board. Dave responded quickly and arrived within minutes of his 20.45pm call. His requests to get off his boat resulted in a serious assault which left Dave with a fractured eye socket, cheek bone and jaw which we now know as breaks which need corrective surgery, so an ambulance and police were summoned from a variety of sources.

Passing public and locals responded amazingly, keeping him from losing consciousness, which he later said he wanted to do in order to ease the pain. Dave lay in the fading light, rain showers and rising sea breeze for an hour before a police vehicle with medical response arrived and it was 9.30pm - more than 90 minutes for an ambulance to arrive. (We did eventually have several police teams there).

I am not faulting the expertise of the emergency services, but something is seriously going wrong. Dave did not deserve the experience of the assault not the wait for help and I can only say as I watched and waited, thank you so much to those passing who sat and endured the condition because of the need to keep Dave going.

I may be getting old but surely it was not that long ago when Deal had an eight minute response with a maximum of 20 minutes in extreme conditions and further more when one emergency vehicle moved off patch, another moved to the area boundary.

I know we have further backup services now and it is computerised, but please do not blame the post code of the beach. I met Dave on August 4 and in conversation he mentioned he had not had any feedback from the police so took the cctv pictures of the offenders through to Dover Police Station himself.

I do not write to lay blame. Those concerned already know. But I do write to say neither Dave, nor Deal, deserves this service.

And someone knows who committed this crime.

Pier faces peril

East Kent Mercury, Thursday 17th August 2017

Essential work to be done after "horrified" councillor sees cracks in pillar …

Urgent repairs are to be carried out on Deal Pier before the ravages of another winter take their toll. The announcement of the work comes after a councillor was shocked to see the state of the 60-year-old structure. Councillor Trevor Bond alerted the district council's engineers after spotting rusting posts and handrails and large cracks in a pillar. Councillor Bond said:

"I was horrified when I walked down there. It had got to the stage where action needed to be taken."

The Pier is a major destination for townspeople, visitors and fishermen, but has succumbed to the weather and poor upkeep over the years. Now the council has promised to carry out any urgent repairs and has also pledged to look at improvements to lighting, seating and the surface in the longer term.-

Cracks raise fears for our beloved Pier

East Kent Mercury, by Eleanor Perkins, Thursday 17th August 2017 at page 8)

Work to spruce up one of the town's most treasured landmarks has been announced as pictures have emerged of its poor state.

Deal Pier - the town's third - was opened nearly 60 years ago on 19 November, 1957 by the Duke of Edinburgh, but recent neglect has left the tourist attraction looking shabby and dangerous. Councillor Trevor Bond was alerted to the wear and tear by residents who complained of corroded posts, rusty hand rails and a protruding bolt from a removed seat. The town, district and county councillor informed the district council who he says where very swift to act and a series of improvement works has now been outlined. Councillor Bond said:

"I was horrified when I walked down there. It had got to the stage where action needed to be taken. It's a key tourist point for us. Many more people go to the pier than any other attraction in the district. We should have it as the flagship attraction."

Councillor Bond was most concerned about a protruding bolt which had emerged following the removal of a seat. He alerted officers who had it removed within 24 hours. Future improvements include new seating, lighting and pier surface. He said:

"Dover District Council are now on the case but we shouldn't have let it get to this stage. They've started work to fix things and they've given me a schedule of upgrading that I hope will be complete by summer next year. I'm hoping at the end of this we're going to have a first class pier."

A DDC spokesman said:

"We continue to review and monitor maintenance issues on the Pier, and make any urgent repairs as necessary. This has included recent work to remove a protruding bolt. Provision has been made in the medium term capital plan for the Pier stem to be refurbished. Although we are at an early stage, this should include new seating, new lighting, a new Pier surface and repairs to the concrete structure. It is anticipated that work should commence during the spring of 2018. An initial survey has identified that some concrete repairs are required in the shorter term and we are seeking specialist advice and prices to enable these repairs to be made before the onset of winter."

Deal Pier Diamond Jubilee (1957 - 2017)

International Men's Day 2017

Deal Pier III was opened by HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh on 19th November 1957. Sixty years later - to the day - will see the new Pier's diamond jubilee being celebrated by an open fishing competition, the details of which are as follows:
Charity OPEN Pier Fishing Competition
Sunday, 19th November 2017: 10am to 2pm
(all receipts to be donated to Walmer R.N.L.I.)
1st £300
2nd £200
3rd £100
£50 heaviest round fish
£50 heaviest flatfish
(optional pool available)
Maximum of 90 anglers (pegged) to be pre-booked with
Fred Leach (01304 373104) or
Brian Smith (07973 305983)
Entry fee £10 (no Pier fishing rod charge)
D&WAA competition rules apply
Braid may not be used by competitors
Sponsored by Dover District Council
Deal & Walmer Angling Association

Pleasure Angling closes

Dave Chamberlain, Thursday 3rd August 2017

Regrettably for anglers, Deal is not only losing a fishing tackle shop but also a local character who has endorsed fishing and the town for many years. Dean Curry has retired from the tackle shop Pleasure Angling, which was open seven days a week and situated at 95 Beach Street (opposite the Royal Hotel), after being proprietor for 11 years. His input for angling and excellent bait, plus hard effort promoting the town of Deal was impressive over this period. He has, until recently, included an amusing, daily weather forecast on YouTube which had many followers. As a long-term angler, he was always generous with advice on what was being caught and where. The shop closes for trading at the weekend.

End of an era - Pleasure Angling to close

A timely reminder of the financial challenges facing local bait and tackle dealers from online stores and eBay. Following the closure of John's Tackle, Dover Road, Walmer in November 2013 and the imminent closure on Saturday, 5th August of Dean Curry's Pleasure Angling, Deal's last remaining bait and tackle shop is Channel Angling located on the Pier Approach and run by the indomitable Fred Leach.

Classic Angling, No 117, May/June 2017

Deal Regatta firework display

KentLive, Friday 21st July 2017

Fireworks will light up the sky in Deal next week as part of Regatta celebrations. An evening of music and entertainment will culminate in a firework display on Wednesday, 26th July.

Fireworks will be set off from Deal Pier to mark the end of the Party on the Prom, which will begin earlier in the evening at 7pm. The firework display will begin at around 10.15pm - 10.30pm and organisers say there will be great views of the display from across the whole seafront. The display is set to last around 15 minutes.

Parking: Those wanting to watch the display will be able to park on the seafront. Alternatively, motorists will be able to park in the town's carparks and walk.

Weather: The Met Office is predicting the weather to be cool and dry on the night, with maximum temperature at 10pm of 18°C. There is very little chance of rain and visibility is predicted to be good.

Deal Regatta

KentOnline, Saturday 22nd July 2017

The Party on the Green is from 7pm to 9.30pm today, culminating with a fireworks display. DJ Gareth Hopkins will provide the music.

Tomorrow, there will be action along the promenade all day with a 10k run, sea swim and raft race, sponsored by Castle Removals. The hopscotch championship will be by Deal Pier at 1pm followed by the lorry-pull at 3.30pm. Teams can enter to take part on the day by visiting the desk at the entrance to the Pier from 2.30pm.

There will also be the baby show on the Wednesday followed by the Party on the Prom and fireworks in the evening.

On Thursday, the carnival will lead off at 7pm from The Strand. Entry forms for floats and walkers in the carnival procession are available along with those for the raft race and lorry pull, at the East Kent Mercury offices, 13 Queen Street, Deal CT14 6EX

Sustainable British cod on the menu after stocks recover

The Guardian, Wednesday 19th July 2017

A recovery from near total collapse has led North Sea cod stocks to be labelled as sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council for the first time in 20 years.

Fish and chip lovers can now enjoy North Sea cod with a clear conscience, after the fishery was awarded sustainable status by the Marine Stewardship Council on Wednesday. Stocks of cod in the North Sea were once one of the world's great fisheries but plummeted by 84% between the early 1970s and 2006. They came perilously close to the total collapse seen in the Grand Banks fishery off Canada in the early 1990s, which has still not recovered.

But action to decommission fishing boats, ban catches in nursery areas and put larger holes in nets to allow young cod to escape has seen the stock rise fourfold since 2006. The MSC, a non-profit certification group, undertook a detailed 18-month study and has now approved the North Sea cod catch of 228 boats in Scotland and England, which represents the vast majority of the white fish fleet.

Sustainable North Sea cod will carry the MSC's blue label and is expected in supermarkets as early as next week, with Waitrose likely to be among the first to offer the fish. North Sea cod has never been approved by the MSC in the group's 20-year history and the MSC certification also requires fishers to protect cold water corals from damage by trawlers.

Currently, about 90% of cod in the UK is imported, mostly from Iceland and from Norwegian and Russian boats fishing in the Barents Sea, which have all gained MSC sustainability certification in recent years.

But now cod caught and landed in the UK will also be labelled sustainable. UK citizens eat about 70,000 tonnes of cod a year - 1 kg per person - and the proportion of UK cod consumed is now expected to rise. Industry group Seafish estimated there are over 10,000 takeaway fish and chip shops in the UK, serving about 380 million meals a year.

The UK fleet has been given a five-year approval from the MSC, subject to annual checks. The fleet will also have to adapt to new EU rules banning the discarding of bycatch - dead fish for which the fishermen have no landing quota - and the change of management regime after the UK leaves the EU.

The future of fisheries management has been a high profile part of the Brexit debate, with many fishermen arguing that taking control of UK waters would mean more fish for UK boats and better management. However, conservation groups have warned against diluting environmental protection and recent improvements to the common fisheries policy.

James Simpson, from the MSC, said the North Sea cod stocks have just recently reached a sustainable level. "You can literally keep on fishing forever," he said, if the protections against overfishing are maintained. This sustainable stock level is about 40% of the total estimated to once have been present.

Fisheries minister George Eustice said:

"The UK has played a leading role in the recovery of North Sea cod stocks and it's great news that this iconic species has been certified and recognised as sustainable seafood. As we prepare to leave the EU we have an opportunity to improve how we manage fish stocks in our waters."

The action that brought North Sea cod back from the brink hit fishing communities hard, with many boats taken out of service and fishing days limited. Mike Park, chair of the Scottish Fisheries Sustainable Accreditation Group, said:

"This [new accreditation] is a massive development for the catching sector and is a testament to the power of collective action. The years of commitment to rebuilding North Sea cod has shown that fishermen are responsible and can be trusted to deliver stable and sustainable stocks."

Lyndsey Dodds, head of UK marine policy at WWF, agreed that the improvement in cod stock showed what was possible when the fishing industry, managers and scientists worked together. But she said:

"The amount of North Sea cod at breeding age is well below late 1960s levels and recovery remains fragile. If we're to get North Sea cod back on British plates for good, it's vital that we don't lose focus on sustainably managing fish stocks and protecting the marine wildlife as the UK develops its post-Brexit fisheries policy."

The MSC hope their new accreditation for North Sea cod will help end the confusion some UK shoppers felt about the sustainability of cod. A 2015 survey found 28% of people thought cod was not sustainable and should not be eaten, while an equal proportion though the opposite.

Another sustainability scheme run by the Marine Conservation Society currently rates North Sea cod as not sustainable, but this rating is currently under review and could be changed within a month or two. In March, the MSC removed UK haddock from its sustainable seafood list.

There goes the neighbourhood …

KentLive, Monday 17th July 2017

McDonald's has addressed rumours it is to open a new drive-thru restaurant in the old Hole In The Roof pub in Deal.

The Hole In The Roof in Queen Street called its final last orders last week following a farewell party - sparking gossip among locals that McDonald's was to move into the premises.

However, a spokesman for the burger giant quickly quashed suggestions it is to move into the old bar in the town centre - but explained it is still hoping to open in Deal, "monitoring opportunities in the area". They said:

"McDonald's is interested in investing Deal as we believe this would have a positive impact on the area and provide new jobs for local people. Whilst there are currently no concrete plans, we continue to monitor for opportunities in the area."

Deal one of 80 UK finalists in RHS 'Britain in Bloom' 2017 campaign

The Royal Horticultural Society

Deal is a finalist in the Royal Horticultural Society's 'Britain in Bloom' 2017 campaign.

The 'Britain in Bloom' finalists are judged in the fortnight Monday, 31st July to Friday, 11th August with additional judging days on 15th to 19th August, if necessary. Deal was a silver gilt finalist last year.

Click here for further information for finalists.

Deal awarded Silver Gilt again …

Anglers save Jasin's restaurant

Dave Chamberlain, Sunday 16th July 2017

A fire was detected by anglers fishing from the lower deck of Deal Pier after 10pm last night. A wheelie bin full of cardboard waste was ablaze outside Jasin's restaurant. The quick thinking of the anglers prevented a major fire that could have destroyed the restaurant and trapped the anglers fishing below. They alerted the Pier attendant who called the fire brigade as the anglers tried to extinguish the bin fire by dousing it with water. The anglers then pushed the wheelie bin to the Pier entrance for the fire brigade to finish off the job. The cause of the fire is unknown but hopefully the Pier's cctv cameras will have recorded the event.

Why Deal is England's best kept beach secret

Natalie Rigg, Condé Nast Traveller, 5th July 2017

A new creative class is turning this quiet town into the next stylish seaside spot.

If Deal were a British bird, it would be an exotic Firecrest: small, spirited and rich in character. Tucked between Ramsgate and Dover on the Kent coastline, the unsung seaside town has long been a destination for those in the know. In fact, until recently, holiday-makers would have been far more inclined to visit nearby Margate, with its off-beat bars, hip vintage shops and acclaimed Turner Contemporary gallery.

Lately, however, Deal has undergone a bit of a renaissance with a smattering of casual wine bars, independent galleries, and vintage markets opening up.

"I love it here" says artist Tim Noble, who moved to the area from east London's Shoreditch in 2013. "It gives me the space I need, both personally and for my work." Alison Whalley made a similar switch, rebranding her cult east London retail space, Hoxton Boutique, as Hoxton Store - a haven for homeware on Deal's leafy High Street.

The intimate, clandestine feel of French wine bar Le Pinardier draws locals and tourists alike. Friday nights are a big draw for jazz musicians who might just spontaneously burst into song and drum on oversized wine barrels. An equally festive evening can be had at the Frog and Scot, a modern bistro which lacks in pretence and excels in fresh, simple seafood like seared scallops and oysters from nearby Whitstable.

Sunday lunch is best served at Victuals & Co, a vibrant restaurant that's hidden away along a narrow, cobble-stone passageway. While its name hints at the past - a reference to the victuallers who once supplied the local ships - its British cuisine remains firmly in the present: a smoked trout terrine with beetroot, Thai-style mackerel and twice-baked cheese soufflé.

For music lovers, a visit to specialist vinyl and craft beer emporium Smugglers Records is a must, while art enthusiasts should head to Linden Hall Studio, an understated art gallery that, according to director Myles Corley, aims to show "the best contemporary work across the entire spectrum of visual art, shifting the focus from London to the smaller creative communities in Kent".

Finally, check into the Bear's Well, a family-run B&B housed within a white Georgian townhouse with modern touches like REN beauty products, homemade jams and a friendly dog-in-residence named Teddy.

Council proposes to turn Deal into green-travel hotspot

KentOnline, Thursday, 29th June 2017

Deal could become a destination of choice for tourists if the council's latest scheme gets funding.

A bid for hundreds of thousands of pounds could see Deal's seafront transformed to make the town a "destination of choice" for cycling and walking holidays in the down season. Deal Town Council is working on a regeneration scheme promoting green travel, for people coming by train and bike. It works with businesses and B&Bs to make venues more wheelchair and cycle friendly and is aimed to create more jobs.

Cllr Sue Beer, who joined Deal Town Council in November 2016, is spearheading the grant application to the government's Coastal Community Fund, which previously awarded other towns more than a million pounds for similar projects. The former grants officer for Kent County Council said:

"Deal looks like a thriving town and most of the time it is, but in the spring, autumn and winter, lots of small businesses still struggle so that's what's we're working on now. We want to help the tourism industry do more in the down season. We want to focus on green travel especially cycling so that people who might come to Deal on a train or bus for a walking or cycling holiday."

Ideas being put forward include streetscape works between The Royal Hotel and the Pier as well as enhancing the High Street with more accessible doorways. She said:

"We want to make all the shops easy to get inside if you've got a buggy or a wheelchair. The money could also help fit automatic doors or ramps."

The funding could also be dished out as grants to help small businesses like B&Bs to become more cycle friendly, with bicycle lock up facilities and repair services. There will also be improvements to cycle paths. She said:

"We're also thinking of doing more events and festivals but in the autumn and winter months."

Cllr Mike Eddy said:

"Deal has got immense potential and what we want to try and do is really build on that and get this place into the best shape for the future."

Cllr Nick Tomaszewski added:

"Deal is a great place and it's good to see local people enhancing and enriching the town."

People are invited to find out more about the bid and have their say on the grant application at the Town Hall tomorrow (Thursday) at 7pm. Town clerk Lorna Crow said:

"If you would like to have your say about Deal Town Council's project and make an input into the plans please come along."

There will be a presentation and light refreshments.

It is hoped the application will be submitted by the autumn and if successful work could start as early as next year.

Find out more by calling Deal Town Council on 01304 361999.

Deal Town Councillors Nick Tomaszewski, Mike Eddy and Sue Beer
with town clerk Lorna Crow

Coastal communities cash application could be finalised within four weeks

KentOnline, Thursday, 6th July 2017

Plans to transform Deal into a year-round destination of choice have taken a step forward after residents shared their views at a meeting. Deal Town Council invited people to a gathering at the town hall on Thursday to hear more about its planned bid to the government's Coastal Communities Fund. Project leader Cllr Sue Beer revealed the grant application requesting hundreds of thousands of pounds for improvement works around the town could be finalised within as little as four weeks, although an exact date inviting people to bid for a share of the money had not been released. She said:

"We've been working on this grant bid for a long time. It's a well-worked up idea, but the meeting was a chance for people to have their say. It's a short, sharp project. It's about economic growth and jobs. There were some interesting suggestions that the town council were interested to hear. The evening was also aimed at attracting volunteer help."

A presentation gave a broad outline of the project, which includes enhancing the seafront seascape on the north side of the Pier. Cllr Beer said:

"We know Deal is a lovely town and lots of people love living here, but it's about making Deal even better. Café culture is a big trend in tourism. It doesn't have to be hot and sunny. We'd like to see a bit more on the sea front."

Working plans include improving the entrance point to South Street and to attract visitors from Deal Castle and Walmer. Disability access is to be boosted, creating a fully accessible town centre. Simple actions like placing doorbells outside shops are also included, plus more arrangements will be made for cyclists. She said:

"If tourism is successful then people come and spend money in all sorts of places, helping the town. We would particularly like to enhance green-travel tourism which doesn't involve parking in the town. We know that Deal is lovely in the summer but we want to extend the season. We want to get heads on beds, with people coming for the weekend not just the day."

Other aspects to the project involve celebrating famous women of Deal, such as 18th century writer Elizabeth Carter, to extend the town's heritage offer, as well as creating a Deal Giant - a youth project to create a model of a symbolic figure to be used in festivals and events.

There are also plans for the town to host more events in the down season, and to encourage the setting-up of new businesses. Cllr Beer added:

"One idea could be turning Deal into a town well known for its micro breweries. Food and drink is a big trend and it's not likely to die out. Could we develop new foods?"

Early ideas from residents at the meeting included improving the walkway from the railway station to the seafront, and providing more disabled toilets. These and other ideas will now be considered by the new Inward Investment Working Group set up by the town council to take the bid forward. Cllr Beer said:

"The working group is about identifying sources of funding, planning projects, successfully applying for grants and taking part in monitoring and reporting activity."

Up to £90 million of funding is available from the Coastal Communities Fund up until 2020/21. The government pot of funds came about because seaside towns were struggling, with many people choosing to holiday abroad. Four rounds have already taken place since 2012. In 2014, Dreamland in Margate was awarded a £1.89 million grant to help bring its Grade II* listed art deco cinema complex back into use. Deal Town Council will be applying for funds in the fifth and final round, which is expected to open before the end of 2017. Cllr Beer said:

"We've still got time to take this from a concept and turn it into something more positive."

Next steps include establishing partnerships, estimating costs and creating a budget.

Eating fish may reduce arthritis symptoms

Science Daily, 21st June 2017

In a recent study, individuals with rheumatoid arthritis who consumed fish twice weekly had lower disease activity (swollen/tender joint counts along with other assessments) than those who ate fish never to <1/month. There was also a graded association, so that increasing servings of fish were linked with incrementally lower levels of disease activity.

Click here to read full report.

Angling Trust demands fair deal for sea anglers in new fisheries bill

Angling Trust: Friday, 23rd June 2017

The Angling Trust has welcomed the announcement of a new Fisheries Bill in Wednesday's Queen's speech. The new bill will be part of a package of 'Brexit' bills due to be enacted over the course of the next two years and aims to enable the UK to control access to its waters and set national fishing quotas once it has left the EU.

The Angling Trust supports the government's commitment to maintain a quota system and steer away from the effort-based systems, such as days-at-sea, which were favoured by some in the commercial fishing industry. All the evidence, including pilot projects, strongly suggests these systems would lead to overfishing and a worsening of the state of fish stocks. However, any new UK quotas will still need to be set in co-operation with the EU, and within safe biological limits, to ensure that stocks are not overfished.

No details have been included about the definition of UK waters and whether the bill intends to declare British sovereignty out to 200 miles or the median line where it applies. However, the Angling Trust is concerned that, as yet, there has been no reference to recreational fisheries and their value to the economy which, for some stocks, makes recreational fishing the primary economic stakeholder in the exploitation of publicly-owned fish stocks supporting more jobs and businesses in coastal communities than commercial fishing for the same stocks.

Management objectives for recreational fishing differ from those of commercial fishing which is only interested in the total number of tonnes of fish that can be harvested. Members of the public who fish recreationally require management measures that deliver abundant, localised, inshore populations of adult, mature, fish. No such measures have been adopted by the UK while a member of the EU as the Common Fisheries Policy has failed to recognise recreational fisheries as a legitimate stakeholder and while the objective of the CFP has focused exclusively on the commercial objective of Maximum Sustainable Yield. The new UK Fisheries Bill presents an opportunity to redress this.

Angling Trust Chief Executive Mark Lloyd is writing to seek an urgent meeting with the new Secretary of State for the Environment, Michael Gove, and the Fisheries Minister, George Eustice, as soon as possible to ensure that members of the public fishing recreationally are recognised as equal direct user-stakeholders in the management of our publicly-owned fish stocks. Mark Lloyd said:

"The Angling Trust wants to ensure that the announcement of a new UK Fisheries Bill delivers opportunities for the UK to become a world leader in sea fisheries management by recognising and harnessing the potential social and economic contribution to a post-Brexit UK of a vibrant recreational fishing sector and the principle of public access to publicly-owned sea fisheries resources. However, there is a danger that ministers simply cave in to commercial pressure and swap one regime of over fishing for another."

The government's own report 'Sea Angling 2012' [2] concluded that recreational sea anglers in England in 2012 spent over £1.2 billion and contributed to a total overall spend of over £2 billion annually employing nearly 24,000 people. These enormous economic and employment impacts are derived from a limited number of species that only generate £31 million first sale value to commercial landings. It is therefore essential that future management objectives and measures for jointly targeted species under a new UK Fisheries Bill must fully reflect the needs of the public fishing recreationally. David Mitchell, the Angling Trust's Head of Marine, said:

"The new bill will repatriate powers to manage sea fish stocks in UK waters as we see fit. This also gives the UK the opportunity to be 'best in class' in sea fisheries management. If the government is serious about making a success of Brexit it must ensure that access to fish stocks for members of the public fishing recreationally is given a higher priority with measures in any new bill designed to protect and enhance the many benefits it delivers to communities throughout the country."

The Angling Trust will be publishing its post-Brexit vision for marine fisheries next month and will be campaigning to ensure that access for members of the public fishing recreationally for publicly-owned sea fish stocks is given full consideration as the details of the new Fisheries Bill are developed.

[2] "Sea Angling 2012 - a survey of recreational sea angling activity and economic value in England" is available here.

Promenade Deck closed from 7pm on Friday, 16th June 2017

Kieron Burrett, Technical Support Officer (Property Services), Thursday 15th June 2017

On Friday 16th June fishing will be permitted from the lower deck ONLY from 19:00 to midnight (subject to weather conditions). The Pier's promenade deck will be open as usual before 19:00 but anglers should be aware of preparation works taking place for an organised event at Jasins, the Pier restaurant, which will also be closed to the public from 19:00 (although the toilets will be accessible on request to the security or Pier staff). The event at Jasins is a party for the cast and crew of 'The Tunnel' to celebrate completion of filming of the third (and final) series of the popular Sky TV drama. It's a wrap …

Deal Castle beach water quality improvement scheme

KentOnline, Monday 15th May 2017

Today is the start of the bathing water season. To mark the occasion, Southern Water has announced it will be working alongside local authorities to improve water quality at three beaches in Kent as part of its £31.5 million Bathing Water Enhancement Programme. Deal Castle will receive £3.9 million, Minster Leas £2.8 million and Leysdown £4.9 million to bring their bathing water quality up to an "excellent" standard.

This comes after a year of investigations by coastal sampling teams, microbial (DNA) source tracing and CCTV surveys. Paul Kent, Southern Water's wastewater strategy manager, said:

"We're immensely proud of this groundbreaking project and Deal Castle, Minster Leas and Leysdown were selected after a year-long investigation in the sources of pollution. Our customers asked us to help boost more bathing waters in the region up to 'excellent' standard and, with the support of local authorities and others, that's exactly what we're doing. We're thrilled to be playing such an active part in protecting and enhancing our region's bathing waters."

Detailed investigations into what can affect bathing water quality at these locations found key factors include:

In total, seven bathing waters were chosen to receive investment, with the aim of them achieving an 'excellent' status over the 2019 bathing water season and beyond. The other four were Selsey, Middleton-on-Sea and Worthing in Sussex, and Shanklin on the Isle of Wight.

'The Tunnel' resumes filming in Deal

Monday, 15th May 2017

Filming of the third series of the popular Sky TV drama 'The Tunnel' - produced by the makers of 'Hustle', 'Life on Mars' and 'Broadchurch' and starring Stephen Dillane and Clémence Poésy, resumes in Deal this morning with the parking bays outside Hope & Lane (92A High Street) and behind Deal Town Hall closed for the duration of filming.

Stephen Dillane plays Detective Chief Inspector Karl Roebuck of Northbourne Police (a fictional counterpart to the real life Kent Police), an ageing British detective used to getting his own way. Clémence Poésy plays Capitaine (later Commandant) Elise Wassermann of the DCPJ, a French detective and Roebuck's opposite.

An air date for the third series has not yet been announced.

Editor's Note: The Central Directorate of the Judicial Police (DCPJ), formerly La Sûreté Nationale, is the French national judicial police responsible for investigating and fighting serious crime. To put this into a British context, back in the day Capitaine Wassermann would have been pris en sandwich between Inspector Clouseau and Commissioner Dreyfus … pour le spin off, peut être ?

Deal Classic Motor Show

Saturday, 27th May 2017

Click here and here for details.

See the Damlier once owned by Sir Norman Wisdom at the Deal Classic Motor Show on 27th May 2017. As a young boy Norman Wisdom lived in Downs Road, Walmer, Deal and was inspired to become an actor when watching a feature film being made at the Lifeboat Station.

Pier closes at midnight on Saturday 13th May

Douglas Pettit, Friday 12th May 2017

The Pier will be closed from midnight, Saturday 13th May until 10:00 Sunday 14th May.

Pier closes at midnight on Saturday 6th May

Douglas Pettit, Thursday 4th May 2017

The Pier will be closed from midnight, Saturday 6th May until 10:00 Sunday 7th May.

Lost Property

Friday, 24th March 2017

A visitor from France, Laurent Barme, left his backpack in Jasin's restaurant yesterday. Neither Jasin's nor the Pier Attendant have any knowledge of the lost property. It is likely that a restaurant customer has walked off with the backpack. The local police are not interested in lost property: "We don't take reports of lost property so don't issue crime reference numbers for insurance purposes". A £50 reward is offered for the safe return of its contents which are of considerable personal importance to the owner but which have little or no commercial value. Please email me ( or contact the Pier Attendant (01304 363815) if you have any information about the missing backpack and its contents.

Deal ranked top in 20 best places to live by the sea in Britain

Kent Online, 17th March 2017

Deal has made it to the top in a list of 20 best places to live by the sea. According to The Times, Deal is no longer a "secret" retreat but a well-linked coastal town offering long beaches and plenty of choice when it comes to dining. Writer Liz Rowlinson said:

"Now easily reached from London by the Javelin high-speed train, it's a place for long walks along the two-mile pebble beach and has dozens of pubs, coffee shops and restaurants on its award-winning high street and grade II listed pier." [1]

She gives reference to the sought-after houses in the Middle Street conservation area where a grade II listed three-bedroom terrace is worth £415,000.

Ian Dunkerley, owner of Dunkerley's Seafood Restaurant Hotel on Deal's Beach Street, was not surprised by the news. He said:

"I always knew Deal was a jewel in the crown of the White Cliffs and I used that strap line many years ago having run businesses in the town for almost 40 years. As it becomes more of a tourist destination and more people start to discover Deal, it is up to the council and planners to ensure it remains the historic hidden gem that it is. We must keep our feet on the ground."

Only two years ago, the same newspaper listed Deal as 23rd on the list of 30 best places to live by the sea. The Times also listed Deal as one of the top 30 best places to visit for a weekend retreat in April 2014, when it was commended for its "fifties vibe" and its mix of writers, musicians and business people. The Telegraph also considered Deal to be one of the top 20 towns to consider relocating to.

[1] Editor's note: Dover District Council confirms that Deal Pier is not a listed structure.

Italian restaurant to open on Deal seafront this Easter

KentLive, 3rd March 2017

An Italian restaurant is set to open on Beach Street in Deal by Easter. A former council-owned entertainments centre known as The Quarterdeck, opposite Deal Pier, will be converted into an Italian restaurant, with work starting as early as next week.

The news follows the opening of the Quarterdeck's larger commercial unit as a fish restaurant by Hythe Bay in November 2016. Its Italian neighbour also hoped to open before Christmas 2016, but work has been delayed for unknown reasons. According to the Quarterdeck's commercial developer, Rogate, the eatery now aims to open before Easter, which falls on Sunday, 16 April. A spokesperson for Rogate said:

"As far as we know, the owner is aiming to start work in the next week and is proposing to open sometime before Easter."

Rogate also confirmed that the restaurant is a local establishment and not a national chain.

Pier lower deck storm repairs

Dave Chamberlain, Saturday 18th February 2017

Temporary repairs have been made to the Pier's lower deck, allowing the centre and south side of which to reopen to anglers.

However, night fishing is suspended and the Pier will continue to close at midnight (on Saturday) until further notice. Call the Pier attendant to confirm: 01304 363815

Pier temporary closure

Douglas Pettit, Friday 10th February 2017

Due to staff sickness, the Pier will be closed from midnight on Saturday until 8 am Sunday, 12th February.

Hope & Lane temporary closure, Wednesday 8th February 2017

Sean Humphreys, Hope & Lane

Hope & Lane, 92A High Street, will be closed for the day on Wednesday, 8th February for resumption of filming of ITV's new 'romantic thriller' "Liar", starring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd and directed by Sam Donovan.

Customers desperate for a frothy coffee and a curly pastry thingy tomorrow should head for Hope & Lane on The Strand, Walmer.

Click here to view details of last November's filming of 'Liar'.

Tidal surge closes Pier lower deck

Report by Dave Chamberlain, Saturday 14th January 2017

The North Sea tidal surge forecast for Friday evening has adversely affected the beach and Pier with the strong north wind getting behind the spring tide raising the sea level. In the early hours of Saturday morning the tide exceeded the predicted height and swept up to the promenade causing shingle to be deposited from the foreshore. The Pier's lower deck was submerged sustaining damage resulting in closure. However, the promenade deck remains open to the public and anglers.